23 January 2010

34th Festival of Circus - the Dogs

These two dogs were behind bars in a large pen. I really should have asked someone if they are performing dogs or simply dogs belonging to a member of the circus. Neither looked very happy.

The dog in the main photo and below is a Newfoundland and the one standing on a bale of straw (left) is a mix of some sort.


Anonymous said...

How sad both these dogs look. What kind of life is that for them. ALL animals in circuses should be banned.

glenda said...

Sad little face.

Virginia said...

Dogs don't need to speak, their faces show more than words ever could.

I would love a Newfie if they weren't so huge!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I am enjoying your series on the circus.

I can see by the remarkably detailed texture on the dog's nose in your top photo that you are now expert with your new camera.

Rob Siemann said...

Dogs in a cage! How cruel and unnatural!

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