17 January 2010

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild - the Japanese Garden

The bamboo lined walkway that leads to the Japanese Garden. This garden was fully restored in the spring of 2003 through the donation made by Nippon Television.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

i wonder how they prevent the bamboo from spreading and taking over other parts of the garden.

I once bought a house in Arlington, Virginia in the winter and did not pay attention to the house below our back yard, which had Japanese garden with bamboo. In Spring, we had bamboo shoots sticking up like spears throughout our back yard. My little son could not walk in the back yard barefoot.

Virginia said...

Oh Jilly,
We have a Japanese Gardens here and I posted photos in the bamboo forest last year! So much the same. Lovely.

Nathalie said...

A summer photo no doubt?
This screams warmth and sunshine. I want it NOW !!!!


Jilly said...

Dave, I don't know the answer re bamboo except I know some spread more than others.Of course they have a team of gardeners here so presumably it's not a problem.

Nathalie, these were taken in October and too right, we need warmth. Actually we've had glorious sun for two days now but still it's v cold. Rain is forecast for tomorrow. No doubt when summer arrives we'll all be complaining of the heat - well I know I will!

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