04 April 2010

Grand Prix Preparations - Where are the Super Yachts?!

More and more steel goes up each day. The stand in the main photo is the one that overlooks the swimming pool - and behind it - you can just see the masts of some of the yachts.

In the small photo, one of the construction guys has dropped - and is picking up - a plan showing how each piece of metal fits into the next - something you see more clearly in the last photo. It's fascinating to watch - like a ginormous jigsaw puzzle as Monaco gets ready to show off to the world. Two races this year - the Historique and the F.1.


Anonymous said...

Nice perspective and I bet it was a great honour for the man you photographed!
And finally blue sky.. I follow the web cam at the harbour sometimes and the weather didn't seem to be very good recently.

It must be a lot of work when they start building weeks before the big event. When does the historic race take place? Wish I was there....
Looking forward to seeing your photos!!!
Barbara from Germany

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I am glad to see that the worker is tied off with a safety harness and lanyard. The plank on which he is standing does not look like it would meet OSHA standards (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the USA.

Jilly said...

Barbara, the Historique is on the 1-2 May and the F.1 is on the 13 - 16 May.

Unknown said...

Wonder if all the scaffolding parts are numbered. Wonder what would happen if they lost a piece, or had one left over?

Bob Crowe said...

That looks like hard sun for whiteys like me to sit out in (half Irish, half Polish). Do they give out ear protectors with the tickets?

I don't understand how anyone who pays European taxes has one of those yachts.

Jilly said...

Gail's Man, every piece is numbered and coloured. I suppose if they lost a piece, they call for another. They don't cut corners - imagine how dangerous that would be. It's all v precise.

Bob, the people who own the super yachts are mega-rich. If they live in Monaco they probably don't pay taxes anyway. The Russians are the ones with the real money at the moment.

Eddie said...

I'd only want to be in that grandstand if I could get the top row so I could turn around and catch all that activity in the harbor.
Never met any Russians at the GP. The yacht people I did meet were mostly Aussies... or maybe that's just who goes to Stars And Bars

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