28 June 2010

Show Jumping on the Port

Monaco had a busy weekend - Show Jumping in front of the port, the Festival of the Sea on another side of the port and a big weekend for the super yachts on the other side.

But first the show jumping. It's stunning to see these beautiful horses against the backdrop of the yachts in the harbour.

In the first and third photo, the horses are in the practice ring. The horse in red won its heat and came from the UK.

Interestingly, Charlotte Casiraghi, who is Princess Caroline's daughter, is a very keen and successful horsewoman and no doubt she would have been riding later in the day.


Marcia said...

ummm...."Princess Charlotte"? Non-existent....Charlotte Casiraghi is NOT titled, at her mother's request. I'd assume someone from Monaco would be well aware of this. Nor are her brothers or cousins. Her half sister, Alexandra is titled, HRH Princess of Hanover.

Jilly said...

Ah, yes of course. That's what comes of writing a blog just before going to bed. I did know that. I'll change it on the copy. Thanks Marcia.

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