30 July 2010

A Weekend in Monte Carlo

You'd have thought the Monte Carlo Rally had arrived last Saturday. I was crossing the Place du Casino when suddenly four Rolls Royces drove up and parked outside the Hôtel de Paris.

But of course it wasn't the Monte Carlo Rally (that will take place on the 19 - 23 January 2011 and will celebrate the 100th year of this great event).

In fact, as the owner of one of these beautiful cars told me, they'd all driven down from the UK for a weekend in Monte Carlo.


Anonymous said...

Good mornng Jilly!
So you were at the right place at the right time! Monaco is always good for surprises!
Have a good day!
Barbara from Germany

Bill said...

Must have been wonderful sight!

Dianne said...

oh la la! don't they look right at home in Monte Carlo ?
Dianne xx

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

If you owned cars like these, what better place to go for a drive than to Monaco.

B SQUARED said...

What a treat for the eyes.

Halcyon said...

I just love these old-timers. Great shots!

domino said...

Rolls royces from the old days! Surprising they are still in such a good condition. Wonder what it would look like if there was a woman behind the wheel.

Kate said...

What fun and such luxury!!

Unknown said...

Great selection of vintage motors. What it is to be rich. Just decide to drive to MC for the weekend. I doubt we could afford to pay for all the petrol needed.

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