28 July 2010

Marriage in Mind

The forthcoming marriage between Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock is something everyone in Monaco is looking forward to. The big day will be July 9th next year. This shop on Avenue Princesse Grace is already getting ready.

Vanity Fair features Charlene Wittstock. (Click to view)


domino said...

This frame is just what was missing. She like a beautiful fairy tale princess in this, wonderful, good-looking dress. And he, like a young strong prince on his white horse. I just cannot help falling in love with this image.

Ola said...

Finally it happens:)

B SQUARED said...

It should be a fantastic event.

Halcyon said...

They make a nice couple.

Virginia said...

Oh this will be fun! Her gown is beautiful . I love that frame as well. I assume it's sterling silver??

Dianne said...

That's so pretty !! The whole world will be waiting for this glamerous occasion - I definitely will be.
Dianne xx

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