07 November 2010

Brigitte for President

Brigitte Bardot, screen icon and animal rights activist may run for the French presidency in France's 2012 elections. The 76 year old star of 'And God Created Woman' has been asked to stand by the Ecology Party. In a letter to Mr Sarkozy, she told the president that 'someone's voice is needed to defend animals as neither the Right nor the Left give a damn!'

Read more here - Daily Telegraph.

This painting of the star stands in the window of an art dealer in the Scala building in Monaco.


Gunn said...

It is a long time since I have heard or seen BB in photos taken by the paparazzi....
She has a son, and he and his family lives in Norway....
That I have seen an article about, - but it is new for me that she might end up as your President.
That will be a big CHANGE!!
She and the image here are beautiful!

joanna said...


Now I have to become French so I can vote for her.


Leif Hagen said...

I'd be tempted to vote for her but then, I don't live in France!
Go Brigitte go!

Rob Siemann said...

My god! I certainly wont vote for her!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Crowe said...

Would it be an improvement? Lots of Americans were horrified when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor of California but he did a decent job. Um, but on the other hand there was Ronald Reagan.

Halcyon said...

Ronald Reagan was an actor once too... why not BB?

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