17 November 2010

A Frenchman's Hands

Have you ever met a Frenchman who doesn't use his hands?  Or an Italian?  This was taken in one of my favourite restaurants in Beaulieu-sur-Mer.  It's called Les Vents d'Anges.


Beverley said...

I once had the great pleasure of watching an older Italian man valiantly carrying on a conversation on a mobile phone. We always say they talk with their hands - it's actually their hands, their arms and sometimes their whole body. Suffice to say, the mobile did not spend much time in the vicinity of either his mouth or his ear.

Gunn said...

He looks like the French President..... (??)
We have a few people who use their hands "in the French way"...but I guess most of us Norwegians are just boring when in coms to expressing "when we talk".

Virginia said...

I"m afraid I do the same! Maybe that's how I manage with my poor français! HA Great portrait. Love the movement of his hand. Long lens or are you getting braver my Jilly???

B SQUARED said...

Those bottles won't last long if the conversation heats up.

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