09 December 2010

Gilding the Lily

Snapped whilst waiting at the lights - Barclays Wealth adds a bit more glitter for Christmas.


Maya said...

I love shots like this. People at work.

joan said...

It humanizes the scene to see people decorating. Sometimes I imagine all this "hired help" doing the work. But we were just in Naples, Long Beach CA to see the Christmas decorations (a wealthy area with houses set along canals) and kept seeing people out decorating their own multi-million dollar homes. I love that!

Avocaken said...

Hi Jilly. Merry Christmas. Maybe if I were to visit this place I might find a relative! :-) Once long ago my father opened an account in a Barclays Bank. He got the royal treatment until they found that he wasn't of THOSE Barclays. He enjoyed the moment, though! :-)

Thank you for a really wonderful year of blogging.

Ken B(arclay)

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