10 December 2010

Metal Birds

Helicopters take off and land all day long in Monaco. It's a great way to arrive from Nice airport. And there's always a bird (a real one) to fly along with you.

The Heliport in Monaco is in mourning at the moment. A couple of days ago a helicopter from Heli Air Monaco was employed to fly over, and report on, an éboulement (landslide) in the hills above the coast. The weather was appalling, deep fog, the helicopter crashed and all three on board were killed - and all for a few tumbled rocks.


Bob Crowe said...

That looks like so much fun, especially a ride up and down such a beautiful coast There is a sightseeing helicopter at the edge of the Mississippi during the warm months. I keep meaning to ride it with a bunch of cameras and never get around to it.

nathalie in avignon said...

What a peaceful and fun scene. Yet what dreadful news...

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