26 January 2011

Circus! - A Day in the Life...

An elephant with two trunks! Feet covered in sand. In the main photo and the smaller one, the elephants are in their pen by the sea, waiting on food as per yesterday's photos.

In the photo below, they were about to go into the big tent for a rehearsal. It was fabulous to be so near to them with no barrier between us. They had been standing around waiting but at this point the trainer got them moving in a circle and then directed them into the tent.

Tonight I go to the circus!


joanna said...

Stunning silhouette of the two trunks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly!
Then have much fun tonight!!!
Barbara from Germany

Tanya Breese said...

wow, love that top shot! i always feel sad for the elephants in the circus...we went to the circus a couple of years back and my daughter and i swore we saw a tear in the elephants eye as he walked by :(

kevin blumer said...

elephants look really small in pictures a bit like an areplane looks really small in a picture when you are next to one how big are they do you reckin

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