17 April 2011

Toy Town

The clean-up of the Palace continues in preparation for the wedding celebrations. The real walls are masked by 'false walls' which along with the ornate uniforms of the Prince's Carabinieri give you the feeling you've arrived in toy town. All great fun!


Leif Hagen said...

Great to be at the Palace again! When's the wedding?
I think you should camp out with your camera for a good photo taking spot!
: - )

Pam Lane said...

Why do they mask the walls?

Jilly said...

Pam, as I mentioned above, because they are cleaning and painting the palace in preparation for the wedding.

Pam Lane said...

Oh! You mean they're covering them up so they don't get paint on them? Like when we tape off the windows when we paint the frames?

Jilly said...

Ha! Very funny! No I don't think so. There are so many tourists who visit the Palace area and seeing a building covered in drapes and scaffolding isn't what they came for, so they re-create the look of the walls (to a degree) for the visitors and hide all the work behind it.

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