16 November 2011

Riviera Palace - Balustrades

Our last day at the Riviera Palace and just a couple more details to show you. These balustrades are all that remain on this particular level. This is a colour you see often in the south of France.

And don't you think it interesting, in the small photo, to see the slope of the staircase and balustrades in the brickwork. Attention to detail that meant anyone walking up or down the stairs never lost the view.

Thanks to everyone who has come along on this visit with me.

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Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I am glad that you pointed out the design feature that lined up the windows with the angle of the stairs. A pet peeve of mine is a complex of tall condo buildings in Scottsdale near Julie's mother's house where the stairs cut right across the windows, providing a view at ankle level.

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