09 November 2011

High Seas in Monaco

We've taking a one-day break from our visit to the Riviera Palace to bring you a weather report...

There's been a massive rain amount of rain in the south of France and Monaco - really awful flooding in the Var with hundreds of people being evacuated and tragically two deaths.

Here's the beach near to the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel yesterday. I snapped it looking down from the main road to Menton which is above the tennis courts.

Tomorrow: back to the Riviera Palace...


Nikon said...

Wow! I'm sorry to hear about the affect on the people, but I'm very impressed by the photos. Stunning!

Ann said...

I'm with Nikon...

the photos are amazing

but I know these heavy rains have

so much disadvantages.

Jilly said...

Very kind of you to say such nice things about the photos. In fact, when I drove into Monaco around 11.45 the sun was shining and it was at that moment I should have snapped the high seas but I was running late and there wasn't a carpark space. Decided I'd take the pics on the way out of Monaco later in the day and by then it was heavily overcast and raining.

Lesson - better be late for an appointment than miss a better photo!

Passione Helena said...

The wild sea looks beautiful on a plate like this, but I hope it is soon quiet again. Terrible what caused all the flooding ... flooded basements, evacuated people! The worst that two people have to give their lives! A real nightmare!

I hope your house is safe. The weather forecasts are not very positive.

Take care!

Warm wishes,

Rakesh Vanamali said...

This is disturbing! Though, I must say that it is a very well taken picture.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

It is sad when the obligations of everyday life interfere with stopping and taking photos.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jilly,

I hope everything is OK with you.
The last days I didn't read something about flood or stormdamage in Monaco in the Monaco Matin or Monaco Today by Ian Brodie.
Has Monaco escaped off this.
I saw films and pictures about Var and Genova area, but that was awful to see.

Have a nice evening and you know the sun is shining again in a few days.

Greeting, Robert

Robert_Zoute_MC (twitter)

nathalie said...

High seas indeed - so untypical of Monaco!

Dear Jilly I'm glad you are safe.

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