15 December 2011

McLaren or Triumph?

Casino Square was a car-watchers paradise the other day. There was either a car fair on in Monaco or perhaps a special auction.

The sexy shiny black number above is a McLaren and the old car in the smaller photo is a Triumph.

Which do you prefer?


Gunn said...

The green car is sooo cute!

Pegasus said...

I used to own a Triumph, so I wish I could afford a McLaren... :)

Anonymous said...


I prefer the Triumph.
So nice small car to make great tours in Monaco and Riviera.

The Mc Laren is not my style.
I like luxury, but never show it!

Again many thanks for all your daily photos of Monaco, Menton and the cute doggies.
My wife and I prefer Cookie and Donald.

Warm greetings, Robert

Anonymous said...

The black one is nice to look at, but if I had to drive one of them I would prefer the Triumph!
Regards from Barbara / Germany

Unknown said...

A difficult choice as they are so different and at least 40 years between them.
Personally I'd go for the Triumph. Civilised style and certainly a lot cheaper to insure.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I think I prefer the McLaren :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd try the McLaren. My Dad had a Triumph when I was a kid, about the same vintage as the one in Jilly's photo. When we could get it started, it was fun to drive!

Nick T said...

Dear jilly. You might possibly remember us from earlier in the year. We introduced ourselves to you when we saw you taking photos outside Bar Du Cap in Menton. We have an old Triumph TR4a similar to the one in your photo which is often seen driving around Monaco and Menton. It is painted in what was know as 'wedge wood blue' which fits in well with the backdrop of the Cote D'azur. If you see us, please take a photo, we would love to be featured on Monte Carlo daily photo!

Best wishes and kind regards
Nick and Fiona

Jilly said...

Nick and Fiona, of course I will. Or we should arrange to meet one day and I'll take a pic... send me an email - you'll find the email address on this page. x

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