04 December 2011

Wedding in the Sun - the Red Hat

Our last day at the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat wedding and how about a guest in a red hat... Actually I think they are called something else when they are small like this? Don't forget - this wedding took place in September, hence the bare shoulders and tan - not that there aren't people still swimming in the sea in Monaco, as you'll see over the next days.

There seemed to be a change of plan as to who held the bride's train. In the lower photo the bridesmaids are in charge and then, when the bride finally entered the church, it was the three pageboys who assisted her.

Long life and happiness to the bride and groom.

Tomorrow - back to Monaco.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I think that this hat might have been designed by the same person who designed the bride's mother's shoes that you showed the other day.

Kate said...

The woman is so bronze and looks so happy. The wedding certainly was a festive occasion for everyone.

Rob Siemann said...

There are quite a few french colloquial words for this, the nicest one being bibi, I think. The other ones are not nice at all

Jilly said...

Thanks so much to John Burkus who told me the hat is called a fascinator.

Bob Crowe said...

Oh, I love it. That necklace looks like it has been painted on. Those lips are making a sound in French I cannot reproduce.

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