12 January 2012

From the Big Wheel...the English Village

You don't really expect to see a representation of an English medieval village on the port of Monaco but that is exactly what was built for the Christmas Fair. I took these shots from the Big Wheel.

The road you see in the smallest photo is where you'll find the Start/Finish line of the Monaco Grand Prix.

All this - and the big wheel - was taken down on Monday. Festivities carry on in France and Monaco until the end of the first week of January to accommodate the Italian holidays - during that time, if you listen to people speaking, you'd think you were in Italy - but then being so near to Italy, that's often the case. Ciao!


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

A make believe English village is quaint, but I would rather see an English garden.

AL said...

Are the little houses just models or do they have small shops or similar inside them?

Jilly said...

A couple had displays in their windows - ie Santa Claus - but otherwise they were simply there to create an atmosphere, I suppose. Further along were loads of 'real' shops, catering outlets and rides.

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