15 March 2012

Peace in a Pool

You'll find peace and a place to reflect in all the beautiful gardens of Monaco. The Casino Gardens, of course are the busiest, especially in the centre where you find the fountains, but just walk a few yards to one side and you'll find pools like this. Look carefully and you'll see the balcony of a building reflected in the water.


Anonymous said...

Jilly, this looks something like my pools. I never had several but none had what looks like palm trees. I did use miniature evergreens or flowers that looked like trees. I usually put the plants or trees in the island in the middle of the pool.

My pools suffered problems; unless I kept a pump moving the water, I have a mosquito factory. So there was electric in the water at all times and now and then I'd stick my finger in to see if I could withdraw it before I was electrocuted.

I put gold fish in it, but of course, they were trapped when the raccoons came around at night. The next morning I'd have some scales and bones left.

I broke the cement bottom out of the pool and have used bowls for water. I made 8 bowls and still have them all these years later.

Jilly said...

Abe, water actually runs through this pool so therefore it is never stagnant, which makes a difference. Loved reading of your tale!

Unknown said...

This is lovely. I feel peaceful looking at it.

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