26 March 2012

The Pig

It seems strange to me that a butcher would display a cute pig with a pink ribbon around its neck and expect people to order pork chops!


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I agree with you. The last thing I want to think about when eating meat is the animal it came from.

I Buenos Aires, there is a very upscale steak house where they serve you a card with a bar code on it when they serve the steak. You can take the bar code to a computer by the door when you leave and scan in the bar code.

The computer will show you all of the information about your cow. Its name, a photo, a photo of the rancher, the name of the vet, its birthday, day of slaughter, etc.

Way too much information.

Rob Siemann said...

What a fine looking young porker!

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