06 July 2012

Halte MCCC - Monaco's hidden railway station

This rather boring photo is to show you Monaco's hidden railway station.  In fact, it's in France - Roquebrune -  and is open once a year for the Monte Carlo Tennis Masters. 

The station is below the Monte Carlo Country Club, hence its name, Halte MCCC.  To find it you walk on the road, below the tennis, past all the television trucks and the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, which is below you and onward for about 600 metres.  Turn up a narrow path and eventually you find it ...

As you can see it's pretty primitive and anyone with dodgy knees would find it difficult to get up into the train as the platform is on ground level, not raised.  But for people going to the tennis, of course it's brilliant.


Nikon said...

It looks a bit forlorn - but I like your photos of it!

Jameson said...

OMG! I've been trying to find it since you first mentioned it. Thank you!!

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