13 September 2012

Larvotto Beach

This is Larvotto Beach taken from way up high. You can clearly see the black line of the protective jellyfish net.

The second photo shows more of the foreground. 

Remember the photo I took of patterns on the water - looked like coloured marble?   It was n fact a reflection of the building I'm currently standing in (19th floor). To take that photo I stood at the very end of the large 'T' breakwater that you see in the middle of the beach.


R. said...

Impressive photos, Jilly. Was it a particularly slow day when you took it, or is this the average number of people who visit the beach?

Also, how long is Larvotto Beach? From the angle you took the photos, it looked bigger or longer than what I perceived it to be.

Thanks so much.


Jilly said...

The number of people depend on time of year and weather. I took this on the 28th August around lunchtime. Certainly there were less people than in July or earlier in August. In fact it wasn't a particularly nice day tho - by our standards!

As to length of the beach - haven't a clue. Monaco is a very small place, as you know. I'm high up - 19th floor - so I suppose it would appear bigger but it always takes me a while to walk it!

Mo said...

I read about the jellyfish nasty creatures. I hope the nets enable sting free swimming.

Nikon said...

Beautiful view from up there!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

You moved from Australia, where they have shark nets, to Monaco, where I have just learned that they have jelly fish nets. I guess both are better than the alternative if there are creatures to be excluded.

I hope that "innocent" marine life does not get caught in the nets.

Too bad they don't have nets for fishing companies that overfish the species needed to keep the coral reefs in balance and healthy.

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