11 September 2012

The Heliport

We saw this area of Fontvieille the other day - the heliport landing pad in the distance.  Here's a  helicopter taking off for Nice airport - a great way to get there and back.

I understand you can check your baggage at the heliport and that's it. You don't see it again till you arrive at your final destination.


Nikon said...

Good timing on the liftoff of the chopper!
Nice deep blue sky and water - and that thin line of clouds....nice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it gets a little annoying living across from that activity?!

Manhattan Beach CA

Unknown said...

Yes, that's how we arrived, when we came over last year. It was fab, although you don't get to see that much. Only the sea, and some of the buildings in Nice.

Jilly said...

Rick, yes. And visitors to the Columbus Hotel, depending on which side the room is, complain.

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