16 October 2012

Princess Grace's Wedding Dress made of Diet Coke Cans

This sculpture based on Princess Grace's wedding dress was created to commemorate the 30th anniversary of her death.  The dress is made of thousands of pieces of aluminium, using 4,000 cans of Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke) in a unique design and intricate weave inspired by the magnificent fine lace original wedding gown.  It took over 2 years to complete.

The sculpture, by Nikos Floros, is on display in the foyer of the Hotel Metropole and is 10 feet long, 5.5 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall.


Nikon said...

Oh my God, the closeups of coke can segments are incredible!

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's art!
So much work! Do you know how many kg's it weighs??
Barbara from Germany

Lisa in Monaco said...

Beautiful, I saw this display the other evening and my mouth dropped! Nice post.

AL said...

Incredible....imagine the patience to actually piece this together? The effect is certainly one fit for a princess.

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