14 October 2012


On the night the casino was lit up pink, I met Reni in the Casino Gardens. She wears wonderfully original clothes - and is obviously a character.  She immediately went into 'pose mode' when I asked to take her photo.Thanks Reni!


Anonymous said...

I've seen her often and talked to her as well, as she designs greeting cards. She's always wearing black + white. I promised her to bring the photos I took of her next time ;-)
Barbara from Germany

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

The natural light glowing on her face, and the framing between the lighted buildings in the background make this an exceptional photo.

Jameson said...

I love that woman! She brings a great element to Monte Carlo.

Anonymous said...

i really like Reni. she has not had an easy time, the same for a lot of single women who come to Monaco thinking life will be better for them. she was impressed by a royal there who made her promises. but she just does not have the resources and that person did nothing. if you see her, do something nice for her. i don't know where she is living now, but she did stay with me for awhile. maybe you can help find her a real job. she would make a good assistant.

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