27 January 2013

Fontvieille from Cap d'Ail

We're in Cap d'Ail this morning looking towards Monaco and the heliport.  On our left is the Port of Cap d'Ail.  Ahead is Fontvieille and one of the luxury apartment buildings and behind it you can see the top of the Oceanographic Museum. 

The low white building is temporary - the circus is on and this is where the elephants sleep at night.

And in the distance, snow on the Alps.


Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Great place for a walk!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
we don't want your sales commercials here!! Get lost!!

Jilly: Thanks for this wonderful picture. I love to walk there, too, and to the other direction on the "chemin du chien bleu".
The snow on the Alps looks great! I've never seen it like that!
Have a nice day! Hugs, Barbara from Germany

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful 'walk-through' you've composed here. Love how the lines contrast against the curves of the helicopter and the mountains. Outstanding. @extradiagetic

Catherine said...

this is a view I know very well - lovely shot..

Unknown said...

Very familiar to me too, as it's almost two years since Gail & I walked along there. Looking forward to returning someday

Stefan Jansson said...

Beautiful promenade.

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