06 February 2013

Mini Brit

Got a feeling the Mini might be British ...!

The doorman of the Hôtel de Paris has just moved it forward about a foot,  so now it's nose to tail with the Ferrari. Not sure why he moved it.


domino said...

London is the town for me :)! Just kidding!! I like the staff in Hotel the Paris because they are very kind and always willing to help and to answer your questions.

Anonymous said...

He wants to teach the Brit the french way of parking... ;-)
Barbara from Germany

Unknown said...

I see that it is a left hand drive version, so it might have been made in Germany, as MINI's are made by BMW. You've masked the reg plate, so I can't see what country it comes from.

They are now made in Oxford. Gail has one and enjoys driving it. I'm afraid I don't as it is quite a hard ride and the gearstick isn't as smooth as my Fiat 500's

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