16 February 2013

Tipsy Building

A view of the side of the Oceanographic Museum and gthe beautiful lamps that lead the eye to the sea.

I was standing slightly off centre so although the horizon is straight, the building appears to tip slightly - or should I blame the building and say that perhaps it had had a glass of vino too many ... ?


Graeme said...

The wine....and converging verticals!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the wine! What else?
Maybe you drink a glass of vino, too, then you won't be bothered by it anymore... ;-)
Think that's a digital problem.
I have that often, too. I don't remember that f. e. steeples were aslope when I used my old camera 20 years ago...
Have a good weekend though!
Hugs from Barbara in Germany

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say something..
The lamp post appear to me like @!
I always think of that when I see them.
Barbara from Germany

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I love these classic style of street lights. Sharon took a great photo of one in the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, with the sun silhouetted behind it.

Unknown said...

Great blue sky. I miss seeing them, as it's been grey here for what seems ages

domino said...

The prison of Monaco is next to it, at your left, if I am right, down the stairs.

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