22 September 2013

People Watching at the Café de Paris

On the terrace of the Café de Paris, everyone faces Casino Square so they can 'people watch.' 

And if you sit at the back with a camera, you can watch people watching people!


Babzy.B said...

nice compo :)

Anonymous said...

Exactly! ;-)
For this reason I prefer the 2nd row, to watch cars and people. In the 3rd row there's always sb from behind hustling or people entangling with their watch or jewelery in my hair!!!
Barbara from Germany

Andy said...

People watching can be very interesting and fun.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Your daily photo blog has proven many times that people watching in Monaco is entertaining.

It looks like there is an ash tray on the table, so it appears that they allow smoking.

Bob Crowe said...

Love it. I can just see the front of her dress but, at a glance, the photo is provocative.

Jilly said...

Dave, yes, smoking is allowed outside in Monaco and France.

Anonymous said...

On June 16th, here is the bill we got at the Café de Paris:

2 Club Sandwitch 34.00
1 Glass White wine 6.60
1 Glass of red wine 6.50
Tax #1 2.13
Tax #2 2.22

Total 47.00 Euros

By the way, each Club Sandwitch was in fact a half Club Sandwitch.

It takes what it takes !

...on the first row !

Luc, Montréal,Québec

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