27 September 2013

Progress at Casino Square! - the Silk Floss Tree and the Digger

The scoop of a digger seen though the beauty of a Silk Floss Tree as the destruction of the Casino gardens continues.  The Latin name of this gorgeous tree is Ceiba specioso - it's the same family as the Baobab tree.

Let's hope it survives ...


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine that old trees that have been living in the same place for ages, will be able to survive being digged up, roots damaged, transplantation into pots, new angle of the sun etc etc. Plants are very sedentary animals!

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen, Monaco's parks department is amazingly adept at moving large and old trees. The newest site will have old trees planted to give an instant-old feel, like they've been there forever. It's not ideal, but required, I guess, for all the constant improvements.

To be clear: Is all this destruction only on the long rectangular strip that goes right down the center to the Casino? And perhaps in the park just north of the Winter Sporting (the Haagen Dazs area)? Not in the section by the tourist office, with the ponds, I should hope!

Monaco needs to either make some more land in the sea or buy some from France!

Anonymous said...

My favourite tree in Monaco!
I have never seen it anywhere else.
I photographed this tree as well when I was there! ;-)
Barbara from Germany

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