10 January 2014


Outside the Louis Vuitton shop in Monte Carlo.

Lust for a sports car ...


Gunn said...

What a beauty...... :)

cath said...

hahaha ça fait bien de se garer devant une enseigne connue !


Hi Jill,
Wonderful pictures again. This is a 1957-1960 BMW 507 Coupé, V8 powered engine. Only 250 pieces build back then, so it is a quite collectible rare supercar .It already had been a very expensive aquisition back in the 1950`s, now current prices range between USD 800.000 up to
USD 1.500.000. The owner is a lucky
person from the swiss capital city Berne.
Best regards from Zurich,


...and just to be precise, it is not a
coupé, it is a 2 seater also known as a "Roadster". So in times of cold weather, you put on the metal roof, and if you come to Monaco and sun is shining, you put down the roof and you then find in the hidden compartement (...you can see it folded down behind the seats) your retractable convertible roof. Perfect car for the Riviera, i would assume :-) Best,

Jilly said...

Albert, Thank you SO much. I'm going to put this information on my Facebook page, with the photo of the car, shortly. Really helpful! I knew you'd know what it was!

Unknown said...

Hi Jilly, a happy 2014 to you, and your first classic car of the year. And for a BMW, it's not a bad one.


Other owners of a BMW 507 Roadster have been:
S.A.S.Rainier of Monaco, former Bond Girl Ursula Andress,Elvis Presley and Alain Delon...:-)

Anonymous said...

Love this one Jilly! II'll add a interesting note; it's predecessor the BMW 507 was featured in the 99' Bond film "The World Is Not Enough" starring Pierce Brosman-Leo

PS. Check out Sophie In Monaco, sweet gal.

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