20 January 2014

Steps, steps

You need to be fit if you live in this part of Beausoleil.  Beausoleil is in France, of course, but borders Monaco.   In fact, some streets are Monaco on one side and Beausoleil on another.

This photo was taken in 2010 on the camera before the camera before the .... and in those days I took photos only in jpg format.


boyfrombeach said...

Nothing wrong with JPG pictures. As you change cameras and computers you may misplace that piece of windows software that was necessary to decode the RAW files from the camera before the camera .. and you use a Mac now.
Besides the technicalities, these stairs are all over Monaco, sometimes hidden, always nice an clear, and they allow the pedestrians to move around faster than by car or bus.

Andy said...

Building and climbing these stairs is quite the feat.

Jilly said...

boyfromthebeach. What I should have said is that I took the photos in jpg format, not RAW. So no information in the photo to improve it with software.

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