16 June 2014

Art Monaco - Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille

Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille is a French-born artist exhibiting at the Art Monaco exhibition which was held in in April.  I commented on how well it looked against a black background but Benedicte told me it looks even better against a white background as the falling figures catch the light.

She writes:

"Life is nothing but motion. This movement is the fragility of the humans being.
That's the buried thing and the visible one, the folds that need to be unfold to access the knowledge, to achieve.
In my work, the texture evokes this fragility by playing with transparency and opacity. The colors I am using are inspired by the mineral, to translate the rebirth, the revival, perpetual motion of the cosmos.
The silhouettes of humans are appearing like a shadow caught in a snapshot whose movement is developing in the eyes of the spectator."

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