28 June 2014

Colour at Larvotto Beach

Colour at Larvotto Beach.

Monte Carlo Daily Photo is undergoing a slight change.  It will now be published less often, probably a couple of times a week, hence the change of name to Monte Carlo Weekly Photo.  I need to organise my time better in order to work on my book about Gorbio. Hope my loyal and much appreciated Monte Carlo follows will understand.


Stefan Jansson said...

Of course we do. Good luck with the book project.

rrtodd@earthlink.net said...

Linda from Texas says: I will enjoy them just the same. Good luck with your book!

Jilly said...

Thanks so much. Really appreciate the comments.

giusi said...

I can't wait to read your book about Gorbio!It's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly,
I was already wondering!
Never mind, weekly is fine!
Good luck with your book!
I'm sure it will be great as you have a wonderful way of writing!
Hope to visit Gorbio soon with my nephew! :-) I want to show him a typical village of the area.
Have a nice Sunday!
Barbara from Germany

Anonymous said...


You kept what was the most important. Too much of Monaco is not good anyway, just a bit of dream is enough. (...as we see these days in front pages everywhere on Monaco, some never have enough.)


Anonymous said...

This is so exciting about the book. I'm looking forward to reading it. While I really look forward to visiting the site everyday - I'm releived that a weekly or occasional edition will continue. Best of luck with the book. @extradiagetic

Alison said...

The new project sounds great, and of course less often is absolutely fine!

Donna & Sherri in Atlanta said...

So excited to hear you are still working on your book.

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