24 February 2007

Let's go shopping!

This is taken from the Galerie du Métropole. Click here to see the interior of this beautiful shopping centre. The steps and escalator leads up to the Casino gardens.


Anonymous said...

Truly magnificent living and life style. We, here in southwest Ohio, are neighbors to the occasional cow, and to stores, shops and malls from another time -- all are out of date or are dated. To see scenes like these are like going to see Grace Kelly in the movies over there. Your camera is doing a great job in capturing scenes your eye recognizes as noteworthy. Thanks.

angela said...

I wish...though I adore window shopping in the Principality.

Being lazy I'd go up on the escalator!


Jilly said...


Your comment is so kind. I looked at that photograph this morning and thought 'is that boring - a staircase and an escalator' but there is a grandeur to the sweep of it and it's so 'Monaco' - well, Abraham, you have made my day in writing as you did and given me encouragement to find more such captures (a word I've heard on DP).

Jilly x

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