21 February 2007

Street sign in Monaco

The simplicity of this street sign appealed to me. I hope you like it too.


freelancer said...

Un N et un A à la place du E cela aurait été enore mieux :)

Anonymous said...

I like it for the reason you cited. Having said that...

There is nothing there that looks like it came from Trajan's column. It is all modern.

Inscriptional forms was one of the things I studied -- that and medieval manuscript decoration and the lettering styles of the periods.

It is all very fascinating to me -- that all the world's knowledge is tied up in 26 letters of an alphabet that 90% of the people in the world have no clue where they came from. Isn't that odd.

I assume the sign in in stone or cement as the edges are a kind of giveaway and look like stone.

I will have to show you some of my stone carving one of these days.

I am not a linguist but does that say "Avenue of the Madonna?"

Anonymous said...

It is appealing. A part of its surroundings instead of something brightly neon-colored sign. Sometimes I think that we are so inundated with color/action that the more simple and still is more likely it is to get our attention. For example, look at the appeal that black/white photography has. I recently visited a website that was all b/w. Quite refreshing.

Jilly said...

Freelancer - I've only ever seen Madonna spelled as Madone in France and Monaco - for example, Serre de la Madone in Menton. Of course one could buy the CD of a certain singer...

Abraham, your knowledge legendary - I knew the lettering was modern but just thought it looked refreshingly simply - rather as Ravenchase Junkie wrote.

Thanks to you all for commenting. I'd not expected it for a street sign.

Jilly x

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