22 February 2007

Galerie du Métropole

The Galerie du Métropole is a shopping centre with 80 boutiques on three floors, lit by magnificient period chandeliers and with exquisite marble floors. On the lower level is FNAC, a great store selling music, DVDs, everything you could dream of for your computer. It sells cameras, telephones - the latest technology is always here first. It's also a great place to browse books. It's always packed and buzzes with energy. You'll find FNAC stores throughout France. Probably my favourite shop.

Look carefully and you'll see a fat labrador in the café below. He's got his own red bowl filled with water. Monaco caters for man and man's best friend.


freelancer said...

very luxurious decortion

Anonymous said...

Boy Jilly you're good at spotting man's best friend everywhere! But then you've got a trained eye.

I just read your Postcards from pension milou blog and couldn't believe it when I read about the senile old neighbour cutting off all your plants and then denying it all. The same thing exactly happened to my sister in Grenoble and when she caught the man red-handed a couple of months ago he denied it all and his wife went all angry exactly as you describe it. It's been a trying episode for my sister who couldn't believe it. Sour stuff.
How's your case doing?

Deb said...

never would have seen that pampered pooch! Brings back memories of our trip to France-particularly finding dogs completely at-home in restaurants!
Looks like a beautiful place.

isa said...

I love Paris FNAC - we used to buy used English language books there, too!
Fancy digs for the...labrador ;-)

Olivier said...

superbe, les lustres sont magnifiques.

superb, the glosses are splendid.

Anonymous said...

Great image and it looks like an amazing place.

Omaheña said...

What a great photo. it looks like a beautiful place and I love it that the dog gets to enjoy it also!!

angela said...

Just look at those magnificent chandeliers and the floor..
Monte Carlo's so luxurious.
Lovely photo, Jilly.

kuanyin333 said...

I loved Monaco, except that the few beaches were hard to get to and with next to impossible parking. Other than this, you live in a beautiful, charming place. Is the large teddybear statue near the casino still there?

Anonymous said...

looks like a very expensive shopping center! lovely chandeliers!

Jilly said...


I don't know if the teddy bear statue at Casino square is still there or not. I think perhaps it was an Arman sculpture, in which case it probably/possibly is still there. I'll check next time I'm there.


Ming the Merciless said...

That's wonderful! I won't mind a well behaved dog at a restaurant.

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