23 August 2007

Concours International de Feux d'Artifice Pyromélodiques

Last night saw the final entry in this year's fireworks competition, a prestigious event in Monte Carlo. This year, the competitors were Germany, France, Russia and finishing, last night, with Hong Kong. France won the competition with 200 points, Hong Kong came second with 172, then Germany with 159 and finally Russia with 101 points. This photograph doesn't do justice to the evening. The fireworks, the colours, the music was just beautiful - almost like a ballet at times. I only realised this morning that I have a 'fireworks' setting on my camera but this photograph was about the sharpest photo I have, unfortunately not one with lots of colour. This was taken from the 11th floor of an apartment in front of the port, so I was lucky enough to have a great view. Great dinner on the terrace too! Everyone living around the port turns off their lights just before 10 p.m. and when the show is over (it last around half an hour) all the boats in the harbour sound their horns for at least five minutes, by way of thanks. It makes a sort of music. I found it very moving.

In the past, there have been a few dramas. One year most of the windows and glass doors blew out in some of the apartment buildings along the port! Another year a couple of apartments caught fire! I think though everything is now under control but never say never.

Driving home, I was stopped by the police - just a check on car documents - so there was much banter about which country was the best. The concierge in the apartment block I'd visited thought Hong Kong, the three young policeman said definitely France. And France it was.


Chris said...

What a great photo!! I love fireworks. . . .Nashville has one of the best fireworks shows in the country on 4th of July. It's held on the riverfront downtown, and the Nashville Symphony plays. I think they estimate that over 150,000 people attended this year.

Anonymous said...

Good fireworks shots are hard to come by Jilly, this is quite stunning.

South Shields Daily Photo

• Eliane • said...

I love how the whole city participate to the show by switching their lights off. i had no idea such a competition even existed. I need to send my brother next year - he lives in Nice and works in Monaco.

Tara's Talk said...

Absolutely beautiful photo! SO glad you shared it!

Neva said...

I like the night shot....with a point and shoot I am not so good but I am practicing....Thanks to Ming the merciless who gave me the directions for my camera on how to do it!

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