12 August 2007

Ecole Bleue

Larvotto Beach. 10 in the morning. Already it's a hot day and will get hotter. The diveboat is just about to take off. Maybe, like me, when you think of a location for great diving, you think of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia but I'm reliably informed that diving on the Côte d'Azur is fabulous and divers have the opportunity to see several species that can only be seen in this area. The school, Ecole Bleue, is based on Larvotto Beach.

You'll note the net which is installed against the dreaded méduse (jellyfish). See www.medusa-protect.com for more information about the company who installed it.

(Merci, merci to kind friends who made their beautiful terrace available so I could take these and other photographs - and plied me with very good coffee too!)


~tanty~ said...

What a beautiful beach. I can feel the heat from your picture. Lucky you, here, it's been raining a lot this summer.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, how did you get this beautiful photo :)
Too hot is not good, but 25 -27 Celsius is quite okay, if a cool lake is near ;)

I wish you nice, not too hot days!

kuanyin333 said...

I guess you get jelly fish invasions too....how fortunate and wise to have a net to protect yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture ^^
Nothing to do with Paris weather

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