07 August 2007

Find the number!

Find the number! Here are groups of waiting tourists on Le Rocher - outside the Oceanographic Museum.

I've only ever been part of a group when I took a 4-wheel-drive trek in the rainforest of northern Queensland. Normally, I prefer to explore alone - just a guidebook for company. That way, I can stop for a coffee when I want or take a wrong turn and discover a treasure.

My gut feeling says I'd hate to be part of a group such as these you see here, yet it's obviously a great way to be sure you get to see everything and don't miss any information. Do you like to be part of a city tour?


simon kutcher said...

I think the answer to your question can be found in the body language of the people in the photo. However these tours do seem to attract people of all ages as seen by the evidence here

isa said...

I would take a group tour only in a dangerous part of the world/city...but then again, I would never take a trip to a dangerous part of the world ;-)

So, to answer you question - no, I prefer to travel on my own!

Ming the Merciless said...

Almost look like the tour group I was with in Beijing. The tour leader had a yellow flag on an extension rod and he waved it wildly when he wanted out attention. Of course, none of us bothered to notice him. :-)

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