21 September 2007

Monaco Yacht Show - 1

Monte Carlo is big-time busy at the moment. Not a car park place to be had in the whole of the Principality, everything centres around the main port, Port Hercule, for the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show. So prepare yourself for a few days of beautiful boats and beautiful people watching. Here you see, on the right, the Wind, all 193 feet (59 metres) of super yacht. Cost to enter the show is 50 euros, half of which goes to a Monaco charity.

This photo was taken from below the casino area looking out beyond the Princess Grace Theatre and overlooking the port. The vertical wires are from a massive crane. Tomorrow and tomorrow - come back, I've much to show you from the red carpet.


Ann (MobayDP) said...

I'm looking forward to beautiful boats and people watching! :)

These are some sweet looking yachts!

Felicia said...

I suppose the parking in the water is no better! Looks like a fun event.

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