19 May 2008

Garden Club of Monaco - The Golfer

We're back at the Garden Club of Monaco with a golfer looking a little bare around his middle.


Jim Klenke said...

that is neat looking, looks like he does need to fill his belly a bit.

germana said...

Hi Jilly,
it seems to come from Italy, Tuscany i suppose. You can find many other in this site www.artetopiariatoscana.com



USelaine said...

I need to lose a little density around my middle too. Not that I'm working as hard at it as this fellow.

magiceye said...

hole in one! in the golfer! lol!

Halcyon said...

He's cute!

Chuck Pefley said...

I love these living sculptures. This one is unusual I think. Typically we see animal shapes. A large dinosaur can be found in Seattle near the Space Needle.

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