29 May 2008

Monte Carlo Ladies - 13 - The Roller Blader

At Grand Prix time, in particular, this is a great way to get about Monaco - or at least around the Larvotto Beach area, which is flat.

France Telecom paid another visit and it seems there are big-time problems - they will come back and install new cable from road to house. No matter, at the moment, I'm in Spain for a dog show and the hotel has internet access, so I've left my connection problems behind - for the moment.


Ben Nakagawa said...

Fantastic snap, Jilly!
I hope your problem was magically fixed when you are back home.

Marie-Noyale said...

Roller blades do keep you in good shape don't they!!

Janet said...

Gosh, you all are so active over there! I love this photo.

Unknown said...

Looks like she's having a meal on wheels.

I've never tried rollerblading. I wonder what it's like?

Small City Scenes said...

What do you suppose skater girl is digging for.
this has been a great series. Thanks. MB

Ming the Merciless said...

Have a fabulous time in Spain and hope France Telecom can fix your internet problem.

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