13 September 2008

Monte Carlo Ladies - 22

Readers of Menton Daily Photo will know that the Benauts from Adelaide Daily Photo have been staying with me in Gorbio - and what a delight they are. Yesterday, we spent the day exploring Monaco - and surprise, surprise, M. Benaut found an endless supply of gorgeous Monte Carlo ladies to photograph - this is one of his photographs - thankyou, Monsieur Benaut: Guest Photographer.

Madame Benaut, on the other hand, was noticed going in and out of some rather nice shops.

We lunched in the restaurant on the lower level of the luxurious Metropole shopping centre. This photograph shows two Monte Carlo Ladies chatting on one of the levels above us. In fact, these are just two of an ever-changing series of ladies who appeared to be on a non-stop cigarette break from the shops they work in.

Monsieur Benaut and I have the same camera - a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18. It's that long zoom that allows photos like this. It's been educational and inspiring for both of us to compare shots, discuss settings and so on.

Today they left for Sestri Levante on the Ligurian coast of Italy and already the house is empty without their energy and enthusiam and kindness.


Kim said...

Jilly, It is fun to follow the Benaut's progress through the blogosphere as they visit CDPB authors on their journey. How nice that they could spend such lovely time with you. And,we get to join in on your time together, as well.
Seattle Daily Photo

Virginia said...

Nice photo I agree. It is always more fun to have a photography buddy along.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Oh boo. I was hoping that Mme Benaut would find us some beautiful Monte Carlo men too!! LOL!
i hope they have a wonderful trip:)

Kate said...

It must be a pleasure to visit and have blogger company so the Benauts are lucky to have you as a hostess and guide. The photograph is indeed wonderful. Have a happy Sunday!

Gerald (SK14) said...

crowd? - I meant ground!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Oh les filles, oh les filles!
Monsieur benaut, vous ĂȘtes un coquin!

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