08 November 2008

The Walking Street - Spider Man

You never know who you'll meet at the Artists in Movement exhibition in the pedestrian street. Here's what I take to be Spider Man.

I don't know the artist - a friend walked the street this morning, trying to find names but as we've had so much rain, she told me the little stickers with the artists' names have been washed away.

One or two words remain - for instance, talking about the whole exhibition:

'You are in a gallery open to the sky. ' and 'Open your eyes, look up and enjoy.'


Small City Scenes said...

I find this totally fascinating. Is the pedestrian street permanent/ MB

Jilly said...

MB - this exhibition was actually supposed to finish about two weeks ago and it's still on, so I'm not sure what is happening - but it's definitely not permanent.

Tanya Breese said...

I think this is Spidey too...what a great gallery, open sky!

Virginia said...

How cool. So are there different sculptures hanging along the street? I would love that!

Janet said...

I like these Artists in Movement pieces. So creative.

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