29 April 2009

Jardin Exotique - Get Me Outta Here!

Time to leave. We've climbed 300 steps but with the heat in the cave, it's tiring - oh look, it's tiring anyway!

You can see the guide at the entrance, waiting for me. (He didn't mind) I was the last out because I'd held back to take a few quick shots with the self-timer. Those with flash simply hadn't worked.

Thanks for all the comments on the cave. Tomorrow we are back in the garden for a few more delights.


B SQUARED said...

What a great experience. I've never been that deep into a cave.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

That staircase looks like a very civilized way to enter a cave. At Barra Honda Nat'l Park in Costa Rica, you have to enter through a hole in the ceiling of a large chamber, and you have to climb straight down a series of ladders that have been welded together, as I showed on my site last year.

My son wanted us to explore a cave that can be entered only by crawling through a tunnel that has room only for your head to be above water. I drew the line and refused.

By the way, I have told you the story of my honeymoon in Monaco with my mother-in-law, and thought you might be interested to see my post today that features her with a monkey.

Halcyon said...

That does look like quite a walk!

Virginia said...

I couldn't do the cave or the steps. I'm panting.

Carraol said...

I guess its a relief when you see the entrance, the forms are amazing.

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