24 April 2009

Jardin Exotique - the Prehistoric Cave

At the lowest part of the garden, suddenly we see the entrance (see smaller photo) to a prehistoric cave. Yesterday's sculpture was the clue and most of you got it right!

As you see the gates are locked with a padlock but it didn't take long for us to find a sign with information as to when the next tour would begin. This is free, all part of the entrance fee to the garden.

There are 300 steps down and 300 steps up.

Let's go...wonders await us.


Carraol said...

Ah, the entrance to the underworld. Caves are sometimes a frightened but most interesting, this one looks intriguing!

Halcyon said...

Neat. I have a strange fascination with caves. Can't wait to see what's inside.

Virginia said...

I'm a little nervous. Should I go or stay?

Jilly said...

Stay, Virginia - I'll hold your hand! Whoops, no I won't, I'll be taking photos and come to think of it, so will you!

Freda L said...

300 steps underground, no way!! I'll wait outside and look forward to the photos.

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