02 June 2009

Watching the Grand Prix: 5 - from a Balcony or a Rooftop

It can cost a small fortune to rent a terrace or roof top for the three days of the Grand Prix but certainly it would be one of the best ways to see it. Sit back, be waited on, sip champagne and just indulge yourself.

As I mentioned the other day, it was reported in Nice-Matin that takings for balconies was down around 50% this year due to the financial crisis. As many balconies are rented privately, not via agents tho, I'm not sure how they can be sure of their percentage.


Sharon said...

I love this series! I almost feel like I've been there!

Bob Crowe said...

That would be awfully exciting, watching the zooming cars and getting slightly tipsy. I wonder what it costs. even in a bad economy. I'm going to the American baseball All Star Game next month here in St. Louis and I could resell the tickets for a good profit.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I predict the same will be here for the TT via taking even though some have hiked the prices up 300%. I'd take one of those balconies but I suspect it may just be out of my price range.

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