05 June 2009

Grand Prix - the Tyre Movers

During a break between practice sessions, suddenly the track got busy with snakes of tyres being towed from the Pit Lane and along part of the track. Each team had a different colour vehicle with guys holding onto the tyres to prevent them falling off.


alice said...

Nice little spots of colors among all the black and grey, like the orange of yesterday.

Janet said...

Nice overhead shot!

Nathalie H.D. said...

What an amazing collection of tyres!
It also shows how well placed you were! Your photos are just stunning. Oh give me that zoom!

Unknown said...

Wouldn't mind having a go on one of those buggies. I've seen farmers use them in the fields.

wonder how many tyres they ended up using over the race days?

Anonymous said...

Tyre movers? =) Made me smirk......., pit crew! -Leo

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