23 June 2009

Dior and Denim

The Avenue des Beaux Arts is known as the most expensive shopping street in Monaco. It runs from the Place du Casino to Avenue Princesse Alice and the Hôtel Hermitage. This is the street to walk, if you want to spend serious money on designer clothes and jewels in Monte Carlo.


Virginia said...

Great shot. You waited and got it.

Halcyon said...

I would probably never even dare to set foot inside!

Lowell said...

Can I walk the street even if I don't want to spend serious money? Silly question: I don't have any serious money.

Great photo! The girl walking through is a nice touch!

Carraol said...

Great composition, the mannequin in red and the girl in motion, perfect! Beauty is always free, well, almost.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I have to use that over used photography word but the juxtaposition of her denim clad figure and the window display is excellent.

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