13 October 2009

Classic Week - the Sedov

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This amazing Tall Ship (have you ever seen so many ropes?) is a steel 4-masted barque launched in 1921. The Sedov was built in Germany and was for 80 years the largest traditional sailing ship in operation.

She is now used as a training ship operating out of Murmansk in Russia and is often seen at the prestigious Tall Ships races, including Monaco.

In the last photo, you see part of the rigging reflected on the bonnet of Prince Albert's car. He is driving himself back to the Palace after a private visit to the neighbouring ship, the Palinuro. As you can see, he had drawn quite a crowd on the deck of the Sedov.


Chuck Pefley said...

Wow, I'd hate to have to sort out those ropes in a hurry!
Is it common for Prince Albert to drive his own car? And is the man with the purple necktie to the right of the car a security person for the Prince?

Great photos, by the way!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

The photo of the masts and rigging is stunning.

H.Peter said...

The gentleman with the tie looks very much like Dimitry Medvedev, doesn't he?

Jilly said...

Chuck, yes he often drives himself to private meetings. This was a private visit to the yacht alongside. He's driven to official functions of course. The man in the photo is one of his detectives. There were lots of them but I cropped them out.

Yes,H.Peter, perhaps that guy does look a little like Medvedev but he's not!

Virginia said...

Nice to know the Prince can drive himself around if need be. Great shot of the ropes. That's amazing.

Hilda said...

Prince Albert drives himself around? Wow. Does he even have a security escort?

That first photo is truly amazing, Jilly. What a mess of ropes! Though I'm sure they make perfect sense to the sailors.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This ship impressed me very much, too! I saw seen it the first day of the Classic Week and couldn't take my eyes off it. I found out in the internet, that it's 117,5 metres long! The day before the official start of the Classic Week it anchored in the sea behind the Casino. I had to look twice - what looked like ravens on the masts were zoomed closer sailors pulling in the sails! They have my admiration! As I see on Jillies photo, they must have stood on the ropes!!!
Barbara from Germany

Rob Siemann said...

That's one truly magnificent ship!

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